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CRC is a homecell based church. Fill out the form below to be connected to a homecell near you!



Here is what you have to do in order to have a great CRC Homecell Experience. Just follow the run of events (ROE) together with the Media tools below. You can always download these clips if your venue does not have an internet connection.

Play the Vision loop while having dinner. We’ve added background music so you can enjoy the time with everyone.

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The second clip is to welcome everyone at your homecell, followed by the video clips for Praise & Worship. There is also background music for prayer afterwards; all edited into one clip.

After praise & worship, open the slides below for the Declarations and Prayer Points.

Play this clip after the Word discussion before updating your Sunday Visitor Invitation list board and prayer list. Afterwards, play the Announcements clip to see what is coming up on CRC News.

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